How a website is born and built.

The first thing you look at a website is the graphics. This aspect is definitely very important because unattractive graphics can be grounds for abandonment. But the aesthetics of a site is not all. It’s certainly good to have a nice site, but you also need to combine functional and aesthetic aspects.
There are some rules that should be followed right from the moment the site is just an idea: before setting up any site page you have to choose a slim, easy-to-navigate structure, write optimized and clear content and much more.

During the study phase where the site structure is planned, you must always ask these three preliminary questions:
“Who do I turn to?”
“What is more of interest to my interlocutors?”
“How do I let me know from my interlocutors?”

Once these points are clear you can think about graphics, logos, color matching and, finally, the template of the site.