Web Marketing: Techniques and Strategies for Visibility on the Internet.

Web Marketing is a branch of traditional marketing that applies to the Internet and deals with the definition, application and verification of business and communication strategies in online interaction between users and the enterprise.
Being a recent economic emancipation from conventional marketing, Web Marketing Management has multiple and different business locations. The role of the Web Marketing Manager is both the coordination of online media campaigns and the decline of traditional communication on the Internet, but also other business-specific and market-specific goals such as Brand awareness, Marketing database building, E-learning, Online customer support, B2B, B2C, E-business

The potential is to replicate all Web and Web 2.0 capabilities that are applicable to enterprise business models, and may include (for example):

Keyword advertising
Display advertising (Banner advertising)
Search Engine Marketing
Direct e-mail marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Pay per post

Finally, it is important to emphasize that there is no standard web marketing template, each one interprets and acts for the web depending on the winning strategy.